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Ang Politikal na Teoryang Powerpuff

July 7, 2013

(sidenote: this entry’s for my Filipino14 class!)

Kung mayroong isang tekstong palabas mula sa panahon ng aking pagkabata na hindi ko kailanman malilimutan, marahil ito ay yaong sikat na cartoon na Powerpuff Girls. Tungkol ito sa tatlong magkakapatid na babaeng may taglay na kapangyarihan, at dahil dito, sila ang itinakdang maging tagapagligtas ng kanilang lungsod na Townsville mula sa krimen at iba pang kasamaan.

Hindi ko maipagkakailang ito ang aking pinakapaboritong palabas noon, kaya halos lahat ng ipinalabas na mga episodyo nito ay aking napanood na. Ngunit mayroong isang episodyo na hanggang nagyon ay nakatatak pa rin sa aking isipan sapagkat kung ating pag-iisipan nang malalim, sinasalamin ng kwento nito ang kalagayan at paraan ng pag-iisip ng lipunang ginagalawan natin mula noon hanggang sa kasalukuyan.

Ang episodyo na aking tinutukoy ay ‘yung nag-time travel sila nang hindi inaasahan patungo sa isang malagim na hinaharap. Sa panahong kanilang napuntahan na 15 taon sa hinaharap, ang  lungsod ng Townsville ay talamak ng pagkawasak na tila isang post-apokaliptikong mundo. Sa bandang kasukdulan ng kwento ng episodyong ito, natuklasan nilang ang kanilang mga iniwang kaibigan at kakilala, na mukha nang tila mga zombie o kaya’y gurang, ay paulit-ulit silang sinisisi sa naganap na pagkawasak sapagkat bigla na lamang nilang inabandona umano ang Townsville.

Nang aking muling balikan at pinanood ang episodyong ito, napagtantuan kong maihahalintulad ang sitwasyon ng mga bida ng palabas sa hindi nagbabagong sitwasyon ng mga politiko at pati na rin ng ibang mga awtoridad. Tulad ng mga Powerpuff Girls, mas madalas kaysa sa hindi ay masyadong tayong umaasa sa mga miyembrong “tagapagligtas” ng ating lipunan, lalo na yaong mga nasa pamahalaan. At tulad ng ginawang pagsisi ng mga mamamayan ng Townsville sa tatlong pangunahing tauhan, kadalasang ginagawa ito ng karamihan sa mga mamamayan ng ating lipunan sa mga taong nagtatrabaho sa pamahalaan, lalo na sa tuwing may mangyaring masama sa ating lipunan, maging ito man ay krimen o kalamidad o iba pang kamalasan.

Sa madaling salita, sinasalamin ng palabas na ito ang lipunan na tulad na lamang ng sa Pilipinas, kung saan talamak ang konsepto ng political dependency o ang labis na pagdepende sa mga nasa politika ng mga karaniwang mamamayan. Sa aking palagay, ito ang nais na ihatid ng mensahe ng nagsulat ng kwento sa mga batang manonood na sana’y maalala at madala nila hanggang sa kanilang pagtanda.


When You Finally Meet Your “Guy Complement*”

May 29, 2013

*i.e., the almost-exact guy version of you

When you finally meet the guy who truly complements you, at first you will hate his guts from the moment that you two are formally introduced by a mutual friend one afternoon at a coffee shop, where you are chilling with this said friend. He will immediately talk to you quite candidly as if you haven’t just met, like, fourteen seconds ago. At first, you will not like how he so tactlessly scrutinizes other people, like he is some perfect human being designed to do just that – even though admittedly, you do this quite often too. But after maybe thirty minutes, you will be both amused and amazed at how directly honest and vocal he is with his opinions, even when it is in front of someone he just met. When he finally leaves you will think, wow I can actually imagine myself being good friends with him.

When you finally meet the guy who truly complements you, you will be intrigued and maybe a bit too cautious to the point of minor paranoia when it comes to him and his actual motives. You will wonder why he’s being so nice for no absolute reason by constantly offering to do you favors and stuff, even though you only met, like, a week ago. Also, is it just you or does it seems like you’ve been running into him so often in different places these days? At the back of your mind, you will think if it’s possible that he actually has a crush on you but because you don’t want to assume anything – especially when it comes to guys like him – you will shake that thought out of your head for the time being.

When you finally meet the guy who truly complements you, eventually your friends will notice the undeniable chemistry that you two have and they will tease you non-stop about it. Subtly at first, but gradually their teasing will become more and more obvious. You will do things to try to prove your friends wrong about the fact that you and the guy are so alike and compatible personality-wise, that he’s like the exact male version of you. You will do these things because deep down you know that they are right, and that’s exactly why lately they have been semi-subtly convincing you to go for him.

When you finally meet the guy who truly complements you, he can and will leave you speechless with just simple but witty one-liners. It’s not exactly because you can’t think of a decent comeback; it’s more of because he throws you the most unexpected curveballs and you think that replying right away to these curveballs might result in you embarrassing yourself unintentionally. This will annoy and frustrate you because this never happens to you, but at the same time it will also make you feel something like attraction and admiration for him for effortlessly being able to keep up with you.

When you finally meet the guy who truly complements you, he will make you question a lot of things, kind of like he’s the Damon Salvatore to your Elena Gilbert (but on a less dramatic scale, of course). Yet at the same time, there is just something about the things he says that will reassure you about a lot of things that you used to often doubt about yourself.

When you finally meet the guy who truly complements you, you will try and try to hold back any more-than-friend feelings that you have been feeling for him lately. You will realize that all these emotional attempts will be in vain. Because at the end of every day, you will never be able to deny that this guy has somehow made you feel alive in an excitingly different way that no one else has been able to do so before.

Because when you finally meet the guy who truly complements you, you will come to the conclusion that it’s about time you start being honest with your feelings so that maybe, just maybe, you can finally have a romantic shot at true happiness.

Depicting Summer (So Far) Through A Series of Instagram Photos

May 27, 2013


The very picturesque place that is Casa San Miguel in San Antonio, Zambales. This is definitely how I would love for my dream vacation house to look like.



Some of the books I’ve read this summer so far! Caved in one day and decided to go to the nearby Fully Booked for some (guilt-free, mind you) book shopping spree. After all, what’s summer without some really good reads?






1. Peanut butter waffles + bacon and eggs from Peanut Butter Company | 2. Bacon-flavored milk chocolate from Dylan’s Candy Bar | 3. My older brother Marty’s own version of the popular green tea with rock salt and cheese (available at his coffee shop Kahvé!!) | 4. Xoco Lava from Café Xocolat | 5.Cookie butter pancakes from Pancake House

These are just half of the food/drinks that I’ve tried out for the first time this summer. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the other delish stuff I’ve tried in buffets and such.


The very tropical rain forest-esque view from my dorm room


Sorry for the vain selfie hahaha! You see, I developed a fondness for the Mirrorgram iPhone app, just because. | Top with sequined chest pocket from R.A.F (might post an outfit post again finally with this soon!)


Charm taking her usual long lazy afternoon nap.


Motivational typography that helped me get through my freshman year of college + this summer semester. 🙂

Because It’s Been A While Since I’ve Last Written An Essay Not Required For School

May 27, 2013

Picture this: one day, your close friend and Literature classmate starts gushing to you about that certain guy in her group whose blog she had stumbled upon last night and how she finds him cute in an adorkable Seth Cohen sort of way. You scan the classroom to see this guy for yourself, and at the same time you laid your eyes on him, he looks up from whatever he was writing on his Moleskine and looks right back at you. You’re not really sure, but in that moment, that look he gave you seemed to say, Hah I know you’re checking me out, and yeah feel free to continue doing so, before he resumed to his work. And for that, you instantly write off that guy as a total d-bag. You tell this to your friend, but she just laughs it off, saying that maybe you should stop being a little too cynical about people. You shrug off her comment and decide to just ignore that d-bag as much as possible for the rest of, well, eternity.

Fast forward to the next semester, where one evening you’re in a quaint coffee shop with another friend this time, studying for an upcoming test in Economics. A few minutes later, the D-Bag Guy From Lit Last Sem walks into the room and – bada bing bada boom – sits at the very same table with you and your friend. You are about to say something decisively harsh to him when you suddenly remember that the d-bag and this friend have actually been close friends since high school. And from that point, you realize that an introduction is inevitable, hence you will have to act friendly around that d-bag guy because you are a civilized level-headed well-mannered seventeen-year-old, and you ought to be just that. After being formally introduced to D-Bag Guy, you still have zero idea about the fact that in the next months to come, this guy will take you to a figurative roller-coaster ride.

The Two Zero One Three List

January 4, 2013


(photo taken during a  high school friend’s debut + New Year’s Eve Eve party)

It is hard to deny the fact that New Year’s resolutions, bucket lists, and to-do-before-the-year-ends lists have gotten mainstream now. I’m no hipster — heck, my semi-hipster friends say that I’m one of the most pro-mainstream people they know — but I do enjoy doing things that are pretty unusual in such a way that people wouldn’t normally do it. And because what I am about to start writing is a mix of those three types of lists that I have mentioned, I shall simply refer to this as Marcy’s 2013 List.

1. Learn the Fine Art of Proper Time Management 

Because more often than not, this has gotten me into a lot of tight spots all throughout the previous year. And the fact that the saying “old habits die hard” is more than true makes this resolution the most challenging of them all, which is why I put it on the top spot. So yeah, bring it on 2013, bring it on.

2. Live Healthier

This includes exercising more often, being mindful of what I eat, and fixing my sleeping schedule. For a lazy couch potato like me, this surely won’t be easy, but I’m willing to give it my all this year.

3. Have an Awesome Debutante Birthday

I plan on celebrating the day when I finally turn 18 by throwing a dinner party in a ritzy venue. It doesn’t really have to be a huge party, but I do plan on inviting some of my relatives,  and both my high school and college friends.

4. Reconnect With My Hobbies and Passion

Due to my busy fast-paced college life, I haven’t been able to write/read/blog/etc as often as I used to. And no, writing tedious papers and updating our group blog for Literature class don’t count. Writing this entry is, in fact, my way of reconnecting.

5. Go Further Out of My Comfort Zone 

Because of the fact that I graduated high school and started college in 2012, I’ve most certainly done more new adventurous things than I ever did before. Yet, to be honest, I was usually reluctant about trying those new things, although I probably never showed it. So this year, I shall continue trying more new things with less reluctance (disclaimer: less reluctance doesn’t necessarily mean less caution, okay?).

6. Join My Ideal Org

When you go to a university that has, like, a hundred organizations catering to students’ different interests, it is quite hard to choose that one or two org where you’ll be most active at. Although I did join a few orgs this school year, I can’t exactly say I’m planning to be active in those in the near future. So once sophomore year comes, I want to get into this certain org (I’m not telling what for now) and do my best to be an active member, now that I can say I’m no longer the freshman who got kinda overwhelmed/confused/fazed during her first RecWeek.

7. Treat My Self-Esteem With More Kindness 

I think this is completely self-explanatory. 🙂

8. Meet More New People

Although I have met people in 2012 way more than I ever have during the previous years, I plan on establishing more connections and relationships this year, as well as improving my social skills and be less, well, awkward at times.

9. Travel More

Whether it’s just within or out of the country, I would very much like to see more of the world. No specific destinations in mind, although a trip to the States to visit my relatives again or a European tour to see historical sights sounds really good right now.

10. Go to a Halloween Party

I have gone trick-or-treating and a few small Halloween get-togethers with my cousins when I was kid, but believe it or not, I have never been to a legit costume-required Halloween party in my seventeen years of existence. Maybe this year, I’ll finally make an effort to put together a good costume (I suck at putting together costumes for myself even though I’m decent at coming up with ideas) and get out of the house during the semester break to go to a Halloween party with some friends.

11. Try a Semi-Extreme Sport

Nothing too dangerously extreme, really. What I have in mind, as of now, are cliff-diving, long forest or beach ziplines, and legit bungee-jumping (not those *sissy* ones in malls and amusement parks).

12. Plan Something For My Parents’ Anniversary

This October, my parents will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and I wanna do something special for them, like get them a  probably expensive but great gift or plan a surprise party with my siblings and relatives. I still don’t have an exact idea of what I want to do, but hey, I’ve got at least eight or nine months to work on it.

13. Figure Some Important Stuff Out 

Back in high school, I used to be one of those few kids who thought that they’ve totally figured and planned out their entire future ahead. Well, you know what they say about not believing those kids because sooner or later, they’ll realize they don’t know what they’re talking about? Yeah, that’s somewhat true actually. Although I still have a clear idea or two about how I want my future to be and I know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, I have become a lot more —  hmm, shall we say — realistic after my first seven months in college, and because of that, I’m currently re-figuring out what my goals are for the future ahead, which isn’t easy as it used to be in high school. But then again, my life hasn’t been as easy and chill as it used to be, although weirdly enough, I  realized that I’ve been somehow happier and contented lately than I was before. But like I said, I’m still figuring it all out and I’m having fun while doing so, well, at least most of the time.

So before I end this somewhat long overdue post, I would just like to greet everyone a belated Happy New Year! Also, that I apologize for not having been able to post anything for almost six months now. I know I promised last year that I’ll try to update my blog more often, but oh well… I tried. This year, I’m not gonna promise that again, but since to update my blog more often kinda falls under numbers 1 and 4 in the list, well… let’s just wait and see, shall we?

Here’s to a brightly successful and awesome year ahead!!


August 10, 2012

Stylebreak top || Kashieca skirt || S&H oxford shoes || Accessorize satchel || Girl Shoppe rings || random from Palawan bracelet

Finally, an outfit post after 123456789 years. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it really is true what they say how much higher the stress levels are in college than it was back in high school. I look forward to the day when I will actually be able to take photos of some of the outfits I wear to school.

This one was taken during a weekend about a month ago, but this is pretty much similar to the outfits that I wear to school on a regular basis, preferably on a day when the weather is fine and sunny. The shoes that I’m wearing on this post are the ones that I like wearing the most, except during rainy days since I definitely don’t want them to drown and die on me too soon. And of course, I love how aztec prints never fail to add the necessary spices to an outfit.

First Few Weeks of College

June 30, 2012

June 8 – 9, 2012

photo taken from the OrSem 2012: Sinag Facebook page

photo taken with my Instagram

During the second and third day of OrSem. So glad that I belong to a block with really cool and friendly people. Oh, and we’re the Block D1, by the way.


June 28, 2012

photo taken from the AJMA Facebook page

This photo was taken during the LS RecWeek, after I finally decided to sign up for AJMA. I also signed up for other orgs that I like such as Heights, AIESEC, and LFC. Gotta love how many orgs there are at Ateneo. (PS: Please forgive my slightly haggard-looking appearance here. Haha!)

Here’s to more exciting events in store for me. 🙂