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Why Justin Bieber’s Latest Music Video Could’ve Been Better

April 7, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I like Justin Bieber and I think he’s kinda cute, and Jasmine Villegas too (the half-Filipino girl who plays his love interest), but as I listened clearly to the lyrics (instead of just dancing to it), I had this idea to make a suggestion for a better vid, because I think that the video didn’t stay true to the lyrics. I mean, in the end of the video, they ended up holding hands, but JB was singing like, “My first love broke my heart for the first time,” and “Now I’m gone”. Weren’t they supposed to be HHWW at the beginning? Seriously. Not that I wish that Hollywood hotshot directors would read this someday. But if given the oppurtunity, why not, right? :))

So anyway, here’s my own suggested concept:

He and the girl saw each other at a common friend’s (CF) party, where the girl was just sitting alone in the garden (let’s just say the CF lives in an estate, ‘kay?) and looking pretty and stunning in this BCBG cocktail dress

The girl is actually the girl he’s been crushing on forever and so they talked and talked in the garden. Then he asked why the girl was sitting alone and how he could help her. She said it was because she and her boyfriend had a huge fight, and then she asked him if he was taking advantage of her sadness to play with her heart. He promised that he would never dream of her hurting her, which made the girl smile and say thank you, that meant a lot to me. JB suggested that they go back inside and dance. And so off they went.
Almost everyone was checking them out because they looked cute together. While they were drinking cocktails at the mini-bar, JB excused himself for awhile to go to the loo (to check his reflection, duh). And as he went inside, he saw the girl’s boyfriend about to go out of the loo and giving him a
she’s just using you to make me jealous sneer. JB ignored him and checked himself out in the mirror, smiling because he just danced with the girl he’s been crushing on since fourth grade.
So anyway, he came back to the mini-bar excited to talk to his crush more only to find the girl and her boyfriend hugging and making up (not
out). Then the guy kissed her on the cheek and gave JB an I told you so smirk. JB, feeling used and depressed, left the party and went home. You decide if this is the part where he either cries or trashes his own bedroom and tears the girl’s picture in his wallet.

Fast forward to two weeks later, it was finally their Valentine’s Day Dance. The girl, of course, arrived with her boyfriend (they have an on-off relationship and they were voted It couple last year, if you want more details) wearing this:

Vera Wang

Every girl in their grade was gushing over how pretty and lucky she is, with the perfect gown and date and all. She was searching the hall for JB, wondering if he’s one of the guys who were hopelessly staring at her. But he wasn’t. Too bad for her.
Turns out that JB and his date (a prettier girl, you decide if this is the girl Jasmine V will be playing or the other one) arrived fashionably late, making quite an entrance. The girl was wearing a Chanel Spring 2010 Couture gown which looks exactly like this:

This time, everyone’s attention focused on JB and his mystery date. Who could the girl be? almost everyone wondered. She somehow resembled JB’s girl best friend, AKA the high-IQ bespectacled math geek, only this girl was hotter, more stylish, and older-looking than the math geek. As she and JB sat on a table, the others on their table asked JB who the heck the gorgeous girl is. JB smiled and revealed that the girl was actually his geeky best friend, Reb. The girls asked Reb how the heck she got the expensive gown, she revealed that her parents bought it for her. This is also the part where we find out that she was the CF I was typing about awhile ago, the one who lives in a huuuge estate. Reb and the girl (JB’s first love) were actually seatmates in one subject and the girl only went to Reb’s party to escape her problem (i.e: her fight with her bf) and de-stress.
So anyway, when it was time to announce the King & Queen of the Night. Of course, JB and Reb won the crown. Leaving the girl and her bf all jealous and annoyed.
Hours later, at the after-party at another common friend’s house, the girl and her bf broke up because she saw him kissing another girl in a vacant room. She was crying and went to the garden, as usual. JB went there, but not because of the girl. Thinking that he came there to comfort her again, she smiled and told him that she’s sorry and that she’ll do anything to have him back. Reb appeared behind JB all of a sudden, and JB explained to the girl that they were there to slow dance in private and said to the girl that you never had me. And then the girl walked outboth humiliated and regretting.
JB and Reeb slow-danced under the beautiful moonlight happily ever after. The end. :p

**I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this dizzying story. Feel free to comment. :] **

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