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Super Junior Super Show 2 Press Conference

April 12, 2010

Last Saturday, I was one of the few fortunate people who got to attend the Super Junior (a thirteen-member Korean boy band) Press Conference at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, thanks to my ever-generous and loving sister ( aww). I met a few press people from other magazines and two teen celebrities, which was cool. I managed to take a few pictures of them, but not a lot since it only lasted for, like, an hour. It was still fun seeing Cho Kyuhyun (the youngest and [in my opinion] the one with the best voice and the hawtest) in person. I gotta admit, I pinched myself at least thrice to confirm that I wasn’t dreaming at all. Haha! When they were being interviewed, they had a translator, and my sister was like, ‘How can you possibly like someone whom you need a translator to talk to?’ and I was like, ‘Ate, it’s called a celebrity crush’. Although one of them did answered a certain question in English, and one demonstrated his kick stunt for a musical he did. And no, I can’t remember all of their names and I didn’t managed to caught it on video. Too bad. But anyway, here are the pics. 🙂

While waiting for the event to start. Gawd, my face looks fat here. 😛

Just a concrete proof that I was there. Haha! :))

A stolen shot of Dino Imperial and Sam Concepcion. :p

That’s Kyuhyun, the one in the middle. *sigh* :”>

The press people’s questionnaire. Courtesy of Ate Marla. The ones encircled are the ones assigned for her to ask. 🙂

And now, the shots of my outfit for the event. These were taken at my sister’s Manila condo after the event. Photos by my dad. 🙂

I was wearing a Solo shirt, Forever 21 high-waist skirt, Forever 21 flower necklace, Oleic abstract cocktail ring, and Confetti gladiators.

And then after that, my sister and I went to the Shangri-La Plaza to meet up with my parents, relatives, and Macu, my little bro. We stayed in Powerbooks for awhile and I bought a new book called The Alchemyst (and not, it’s not the one by Paulo Coelho. This one’s by Michael Scott).

After attending  mass at the Rockwell Chapel, we had dinner at Pepper Lunch. I love the rice meal there.

With Mathel. Taken while we were waiting in line. :))
Joshua and Cisco. Check out the nearly identical polo shirts. :p
The next day (Sunday), my mom, my sister, Mathel, and I went back to Shangri-La Plaza to go shopping. I ended up a Bayo mini-dress to wear for our music school recital and a Maldita Black Sheep off-shoulder tee for regular days. I also just realized this Friday that my body type is inverted triangle (or maybe I just stopped denying it to myself now. :P), which is why cap-sleeve tees hardly flatter me and make my chests and arms larger than they really are. Haha! :)) Anyway…

I love the cute ribbon detail. And the way the dress makes my shoulders less broad and my hips perkier.
The semi-off-shoulder style accentuates my shoulders and makes it more noticeable, in a good way.

I was also supposed to buy a caramel-colored quilted sling Bayo bag and zebra-print WayFarer-esque Freeway sunnies, but I decided not to for now. Bummer. For dinner, on the way back to San Jose, we ate at Kitaro. I was kinda touched that my mom remembered when I told her I was craving for Japanese food yesterday. I ate a lot, I tell you. So yeah, I had a really great weekend.

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