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7 Months

April 14, 2010

It’s been seven months since my beagle Charm gave birth to her five puppies at September 12, 2009. And wow, how they’ve grown. 🙂 I remember the first time I laid my eyes on them and I was gushing like, “EhmuhGawd, you’re the most ah-dorable creatures I’ve ever seen in my life!” Now, they’re the same size (some a bit larger) than their mommy. One that still hasn’t grown up with them? They’re mischievousness and cuteness! Since they’ve grown longer than Charm (they inherited their long body structures from their daddy. It’s a long story. :p), they sometimes jump off the fence and escape. And they’re more sociable and less shy now. Actually, they’re the opposite of shy now. :)) So anyway, here are their snapshots. Arranged according to who was the first one to come out of Charm’s tummy to the last one. Enjoy. 🙂

Fudge. When she was still a puppy, she was really shy and cautious and doesn’t always let me pet her. Now she’s more outgoing but still the same most responsible one. 

The twins Whistler(left) and Walnut(right). I don’t have any new pictures of them now since we gave them away to two of my dad’s friends who want a dog like three months ago. Hope they’re still doing okay right now. Whistler’s the most scaredycat (er, I mean dog) despite the fact he’s a boy. Walnut, when they were three months old, was the heaviest, even though she’s a girl.  :)) They can be unpredictable, but equally lovable. Among the five, they’re the only ones who inherited their daddy’s eyes.
Guildford.The current “alpha dog” and the most outgoing and most sociable. I remember when I first saw him, he was the only one who didn’t hide and instead he, like, simply came up to me and when I petted him, he wagged his tail (aww). Until now, he doesn’t like it when you pet his other siblings but not him. But I like him anyway because he cheers me up on those days when I feel ignored by almost everyone.
 And last but not the least, Chowder, “the baby puppy” as I used to call her, even though it is kind of redundant, isn’t it? :)) She’s the second most mischievous and bubbly next to Guildford. These days, she’s the one with the longest (but not anaconda-long. LOL. :p) body frame and the least chubby (I prefer using that word than fat or flabby or obese or whatevs) among the three. She can be a bit gullible sometimes because she sometimes barks at you with no reason even though she does knows you. One of the funny moments with her and Guildford was when she was barking at my dad without any reason at all and my dad was like, “Chowder, stop doing that,” and Guildford was biting her on the ear and tackling her as if to say, “We know him, he’s our master, you dimwit.” and then Guildford approaches my dad as if to say, “Sorry ’bout that, master, can I have a tummy rub now pretty please?” :)))) But she’s still lovable and fun to play with, especially since she’s the lightest, so I can carry her without having my arms ache after wards. 

Here are a few pictures of Charm, the ever-so-loving-and-caring mommy. 

I actually use this one as my desktop background. Soooo ah-dorable, right? Can you say no to those puppy-dog eyes? The puppy in the background is probably either Guildford or Chowder. I’m not sure. 

This was taken inside our house. We sometimes let them come inside as long as they behave. 

She’s not really feeling cranky here or anything like that, she’s just sleepy and tired. Aww. I love her to bits.

Here’s to more months (hopefully years) of joyous moments with our family dogs. I love you, Charm, Fudge, Whistler, Walnut, Guildford, and Chowder. Oh, and that reminds me, I should probably visit the W & W in their new owner’s house. I wanna see how much they’ve grown. :]
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