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Some Additions To My Anime Favorites.

April 20, 2010

If you know me well enough, you’d probably know that:

*I’ve been an avid anime lover since I was in the sixth grade
*The first anime show I’ve fallen in love with was The Prince of Tennis (if you wanna know what it’s about, check the title, though it doesn’t say everything about it)
*One of the first things that my close friend Ella and I found about each other (when we first bonded together during freshman year after classes) was that we share a mutual love for anime, especially Naruto and Prince of Tennis
*If you view my Twitter page you’ll see that I’ve been tweeting a lot about my recent favorite animes
*I probably acquired my love for almost all things Japanese from my older brother
*During the start of summer vacation, I’ve been watching these two animes a lot these days.

The first one is called Jigoku Shoujo (in means Hell Girl, in English) and it’s the type of show that usually has different plots for each day, kinda like CSI and Pushing Daisies and The Simpsons and …okay, you get the picture. In every episode, there’s this website called “Hotline to Hell” which you can access only at midnight sharp and only when feel enough hatred and/or desire of vengeance for someone. When you type the name of a certain person you hate, this mysterious emotionless girl called The Hell Girl (her real name’s Ai Enma and she’s the sort-of  devil’s bounty huntress or something like that) will appear and give you a straw doll. Once you untie the string on that doll, she’ll deliver your vengeance and bring that person you hate to hell, which actually has two but so-not-simple conditions: your soul will be taken to hell as well after you die, and also, just because you become a client of The Hell Girl doesn’t mean you can’t also be a target of another client. So yeah, it’s a bit creepy but not that scary, in own my opinion, at least.

My personal crush on this one is Ren Ichimoku, who was once a tsukumogami before Ai Enma gave him his human body and yes, the right part of his face is always covered with his man-bangs.

The second one, which I only started watching this week, is called Baccano! (Yes, the exclamation is really included with the trademark title). It’s about a group of alchemists who achieved immortality in 1711 aboard the ship called Advenna Avis through received the elixir of life from a powerful demon. Only one who received the formula named Maiza, and also another one named Szilard who’s so ambitious wants the formula for his personal desires “eats” (that’s a connotation in the show which means an immortal killing another immortal) most of the members. So the remaining few scatter across the globe to hide from Szilard. Their paths collide after two centuries and along with the original immortals, there are also the immortals who drank the elixir of life either by accident (mistaken for a bottle of liquor) or by the original immortal’s choice. Unlike Jigoku Shoujo, this one’s more about alchemists-seeking-the-elixir-of-life, vicious crime families, maniac sadists, kooky robbers, and precocious-for-their-age children (who, mind you, couldn’t be older than eleven or ten). And I’m not exaggerating when I said sadists and crime families, okay? 

For this one, my personal crush is Firo Prochainezo, Maiza’s sort-of apprentice and a newly-inducted eighteen-year-old member of the Camorra crime family. He may look like the innocent good boy type, but he is actually very skilled in knife and hand-to-hand combat.

So if you’re the type who can’t stand bloody murder scenes and gun-firing knife-combat-expert assassinating characters as much as you can’t stand paranormal hell-related stuff with Japanese-schoolgirl-turned-devil’s-employee characters, these two animes are NOT recommended for you. Although I’m not saying that I’m forbidding you to do watch or anything, it’s just a friendly reminder for the ones who prefer watching, oh I don’t know, something with happy-ending-containing plots and quirky sunny characters.
PS: It probably wouldn’t kill you to watch an episode or two, won’t it? 😉
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