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The Precocious Characters Club

April 22, 2010

I just had the idea to do this entry after tweeting a few minutes ago about how I’m drawn to book/movie/TV show characters who hardly think and/or act like their age at all. I love how they prove that age is nothing but a number and that you can do anything you set your mind to even if you’re just a pint-sized nine-year-old schoolkid. I mean, seriously, you gotta think that’s cool. Here are some of the notable characters I love for their fearless and feisty attitudes and state of minds. No particular arrangement intended.

Massie Block (The Clique)
With her gorgeous looks, Teen Vogue-worthy style, lovable and sassy yet bitchy attitude, good-looking boyfriends, and never-ending schemes to become even more popular than she already is, it’s not so hard to see why she’s the alpha of her ultra-exclusive clique and at the top of OCD’s social scene. Most readers describe her as “the thirteen-year-old version of Blair Waldorf”, which truly fits her just right. Oh, and in the second book, her mother even said to her that she and Julius Caesar are very much alike in some ways.

Czeslaw Meyer (Baccano!)
On the outside he may look like some regular boy with a regular life but this ten-year-old immortal child is more than what meets the eye. He used to be a mortal who was aboard a ship with his guardian, an alchemist, back in 1711 and one of the passengers who drank the Cure-all Elixir. He “ate” (a process of killing an immortal) his own guardian after being fed up of being tortured from time time (his father-figure claims that he does that to Czeslaw to test the limits of immortality, but the truth is, he likes seeing him in pain) and continues to hunt the other immortals, especially Maiza, so he won’t get “eaten” himself. He’s always paranoid and trusted no one. Czeslaw will go as far as attempting to negotiate with a sadistic serial killer (with enough confidence to piss him off, too) to make sure that he will live on. 
Jane (Twilight Saga)
Heartless, numb to pain and powerful, this sadistic easily-angered vampire can create mental illusions of burning pain with just one look.  Though she’s described as only five-feet tall and couldn’t be older than thirteen, she’s well-known in the vampire world for her horrifying gift, which she loves to use whenever she gets the chance. According to Wikipedia, she lived as a human around the Middle Ages and was burned when the villagers accused her and her twin brother for being witches. She was saved by Aro, who eventually transformed her after that. She takes the quote “If looks could kill” to a whole new level. How else could she be the most high-ranking guard of the Volturi clan a.k.a the equivalent of a royal family in the vampire world?

Azula (Avatar)
Dubbed as the highly-favored princess of the Fire Nation is a fourteen-year-old Firebending prodigy. Raised by her father to be cruel, ruthless and manipulative, her agressive ways showed as early as when she was only around eight years old. She’s very skilled in Firebending, hand-to-hand combat and strategies and hates it when someone beats her in anything, even in a trivial game. Besides, how many teenagers have you seen on TV who can conquer a powerful Earth kingdom with her own sly tactics and skills? Not a lot, I suppose.

Natalie Kabra (The 39 Clues)
At only eleven years old, this filthy rich girl is skilled in the art of poisoning and strategy. Her parents were once head of a powerful clan and has trained Natalie and her older brother Ian for the clue-hunting for almost their entire lives. Like Jane, she may seem like a harmless young girl, even though she’s actually described by most characters in the book as a “she-devil”. She loves insulting common people for their not-so-good looks and not-so-fat bank accounts. She’s a British assassin who once poisoned a girl for wearing the same dress as her in a party. Talk about terribly vain.
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