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Because It’s A Desert Out There

April 25, 2010

If you’re from the Philippines or any tropical country suffering from climate change, you can probably relate to what everyone else is complaining about, which is : The Summer Heat. It’s hard to put together outfits that both look stylish and will adapt to the humid heat we have here, especially since layering with jackets, sweaters, tights, scarfs around your neck and such is out of the question. Unless, of course, you want to get a heat stroke or get soaked with icky sweat or something. 

So I was browsing through some of Style‘s this year’s Coachella Festival pictures of some of the event’s well-dressed peeps, I found a few outfit ideas that could go well with the country’s hot climate and still look stylish enough. The event’s must-have accessory was a cool pair of sunnies (mostly Ray-Ban WayFarers), of course. Why? Because they’re in California, duh. Thank Gawd their climate is only a wee bit different from ours, right? Tell me about it. :]

She layered her top with a light cover-up and wore short-shorts with it.

I love tough-rocker-edgy her look is. The cute hair ‘do is just a bonus.

This is something that I would totally wear to the mall. I love how hear headband gives the all-neutral ensemble a pop of color.

Ethnic-prints and vintage are so in, especially during this season. Although she could’ve at least added a thin neutral-colored belt to cinch her waist. Just a suggestion, though.

A floral-print romper is perfect for both spring season (in other countries, of course) and/or to the beach.

She did a great job of mixing and matching patterns and sticking to one color without looking blah.

I love how funky her sunnies are. Reminds me of the ones that most Tokyo girls would wear. Funky meets vintage (her romper).

Her outfit totally screams “Summer, baby!” Her hat and loose locks adds more flair to the natural summery vibe.

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