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Preparations For The Big Day

May 27, 2010

Today was our general rehearsals, only one day before RECITAL DAY! I’m both excited and kinda sad about it. I’m kinda sad because this is probably my last recital at Marasigan School of Music (MSM) as a student. Yes, who knows, I might become a substitute teacher or a teacher itself there someday, but I guess it’s adios for now. I’ve been taking lessons there for four summers now and it feels weird knowing that I’m not gonna be spending my summer next year the same way I did for the past three years. And to think I actually used to take it for granted back then. I regret the fact that I didn’t like it much until this summer. It’s kinda like graduating from a super-strict boarding school that you’ve been in forever and transferring to a different lenient one after that, you know what I’m saying? If you’re asking why I’m probably not gonna take lessons again next year, it’s because I’ll most likely be attending review classes for college entrance exams next summer, that’s why. If I have time, maybe I’ll ask my teacher to recommend me to be, like, a substitute teacher or a guest guitarist for the recital next year, but what the hell, only Gawd knows what’s gonna happen next. 

But I’m also really excited for it since it’s the day all of us in MSM have been waiting and working hard for. So yeah, let’s just try to think of it as like the Final Jam in Camp Rock. Let’s just try to think of it as the grand climax of the many climaxes during this summer. Let’s just try to think of it as a great ending to a happy summer. In short, let’s just try to be positive and optimistic about it, okay? Okay, fine, sure.

And now…the stuff you’ve been most likely waiting for….the latest photos from the general rehearsal. 😀

L-R: Danilla, me and Vicky, a piano student and also my schoolmate.

Macu drawing stuff on his drawing notebook during snack break.

With Danilla, Kuya Gab, Sir Jimmy (my guitar teacher), Angel, and Macu.

With the dude who cracked me up almost everyday this summer.

Yellow was obviously the color of the day. 😛

Rocking it out with the guitar.

 They were acting all F4-ish on this one. Their craziness never fails to make us laugh everyday.

Wish us luck tomorrow! I’ll post pictures and maybe even stuff about my outfit! Hope I’ll make the most of it. Xoxo.

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