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The Final Jam

May 28, 2010

We did it! We rocked it out at this year’s recital. I still can’t believe that it’s all over and done. I really wish it lasted for, I don’t know, two more weeks or so? It just feels like we could have had more memories if it lasted longer, that’s why I keep on whining. Sorry ’bout that. I’m really glad I chose to spend another summer there instead of just wasting my time surfing net all day at home for the entire summer. I got to hang-out with the coolest musicians I ever met and spend hot summer afternoons learning new stuff on the guitar and drums. Maybe someday, for one or more summers, I’ll work there as a substitute or maybe even a teacher. Hey, I can aspire highly, can’t I? Yeah, someday. I don’t think I can ever completely leave MSM because it will always be a part of who I am as a musician. Oh my Gawd, I speak (or type, rather) as if I just graduated high school or college or something like that. Oh, wait, it is something like that. Haha! Anyway, here are some of the memorable pictures from my recital. Some were taken by Vicky and my dad and whoever else I asked to take a photo of me with other people. But anyway, here they are…um, ta-da? Whatever, you get the point.

This was what I wore for the recital. 🙂
Kids of Bayo dress, gifted Twentyone short-sleeve blazer from Singapore, Folded & Hung leggings, Confetti gladiators, and Forever 21 quilted sling bag.

 What can I say? I love how my hair and make-up turned out.

That’s me about to play the drums and bring the house down. That was figure of speech, just to say. 

I was about to play the guitar on this one.

With my summer girl friends. 

After receiving our certificates of completion. Kinda feels like graduating. Haha!

Mathel, me, Sir Von, and Macu. 

With the one of the funniest persons I know.

Thanks for the awesome summer, guys! 

I’ll definitely most probably totally the fun times.Yes, I know, I’ve said it for the 100th time already. But that’s what you call happy summers. We’ll see each other again soon, maybe not tomorrow or the day after that, but someday. Our paths will cross again in time. Okay, I’ll stop now before I go all dramatic and emotional.

“Our Time is Here”- From Camp Rock OST

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