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June Stuff

July 10, 2010

So sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in, like, a month already. I’ve been busy with school lately and truth be told, I couldn’t think of anything to blog about. How’s everyone doing lately? Anyway, for this entry, I’m going to give you the five things that made my previous month in no particular order.

Read: POSEUR by Rachel Maude

(photo courtesy of

I borrowed this book from my best friend’s cousin. I’ve been curious about it since it was released last year, but I’ve been too busy collecting books from other series to buy this series’ first book. After finishing it I was like, “Why didn’t I bought this myself?” What the heck. Anyhoo, it’s about four totally different high school sophomore girls who go to an exclusive LA private school called Winston Prep. Meet Charlotte Beverwil, a coquette Francophile, Janie Farrish, an artistic outcast punk, Melissa Moon, a ghetto-glam egomaniac, and Petra Green, a pretty but eccentric hippie. For one of their classes, they’re supposed to create a clothing brand together, which at first, they really didn’t wanted to do with each other. They had a hard time getting along with each other (no surpise). Charlotte and Janie hate each other even though Charlotte happens to be dating Janie’s twin Jake and Charlotte’s older brother has a thing for Janie. Melissa can’t stand Petra’s I-don’t-care-about-anything attitude while Petra finds Melissa too bossy for her own good. My personal favorite is Charlotte simply because she’s so fashionable, confident, popular, gorgeous, smart, and knows what she wants. But with a LOT of patience and understanding, these four girls finally managed to get along and create a fashion brand called Poseur. I won’t tell you why it’s called like that. You’ll have to read and find it out yourself. 😉

Watched: The Secret Life of the American Teenager

(photo courtesy of

I can’t believe I only started watching it recently. It’s really eye-opening to the realities of high school life in USA. The story revolves around Amy Juergens, a girls who gets impregnated by her playboy bandmate Ricky Underwood during their summer at band camp, GraceBowman, the popular cheerleader who promised to her parents that she’ll abstain from pre-marrital sex, Adrian Lee, Ricky’s boyfriend-stealing maneater on-off girlfriend, and  Ben Boykewich, the geeky unexperienced rich boy who finds himself quickly falling for Amy. It’s kinda like the movie Juno, minus the part where the pregnant girl crushes on the would-be foster father of her baby and the part where the baby’s biological dad is the opposite-of-vain cute dork, because Ricky is actually the opposite of the opposite-of-vain cute dork (did that made sense?). I find Ricky Underwood so damn hot, even though he’s this conceited self-absorbed jerk. I also like how Shailene Woodley portrayed Amy Juergens’ good girl character so well. I recommend this for teens who are seeking guidance from a TV show, or the teens like me who just want something realistic and relatable to watch.

Witnessed: President Noynoy Aquino’s Inauguration

(photo courtesy of TIME magazine)

This historical event happened on June 3, 2010 and it was a national holiday so that everyone can watch it on TV or maybe even at the Quirino Granstand itself, which means only one good thing for us students: NO SCHOOL! Yeah. It was actually all I watched on TV during the morning, mind you. The musical numbers were quite impressive (Charice performed the national anthem, btw) and everyone’s dressed so beautifully, especially his youngest sister and showbiz icon Kris Aquino, and his politician girlfriend and First Lady to-be Shalani Soledad. His speech was really moving and promising. I have faith that he’ll be a great president for this country. With our cooperation, I believe that he can lift our country from poverty. Because, seriously, he can’t do it all by himself, you know. So yes, congratulations again to the new president of the Philippine, although I’ve probably Tweeted that a hundred times during the Inauguration day…

 Enjoyed: Fathers Day 

It’s no secret that I’m a daddy’s girl. I’m very close to my dad and I can totally say that he’s the best-est dad in the whole universe. He cracks the funniest (at the same time, corniest. Heehee.) jokes, takes me to different places, cures me when I’m sick, and helps me whenever he knows that I need him. Although he sometimes cracks the corniest jokes even in front of my friends (which actually makes them laugh, to my surprise), I don’t mind. He’s a successful school owner, a great leader, an extremely cool dad, a loving husband to my mother, and an amiable friend-of-almost-everyone.
My family and I celebrated by having lunch at Cafe Via Mare in Serendra Piazza (I especially enjoyed their Kare-kare and Guinumis, as shown from the photos below) and then strolled around the park-shopping center for awhile. My nephew Cisco (and my dad) obviously enjoyed the many differents sorts of fountains there.
Okay, so I may not be able to show this entry to him (partly because I’m not exactly the cheesy sentimental type of girl, just so you know). Did I already said that he’s the best dad in the universe? I did? Oops, but what the heck, I’ll keep saying it again anyway.

How did everyone’s June went? By the way, I was elected as the Class Muse while the Class Escort is my close guy friend Justin, just in case you’re interested. Hahaha! =))
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