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Why A Probably-Simple-Blog-Entry By My Sister Can Be One of My Most Favorite Birthday Gifts Ever.

September 14, 2010

I saw this super awesome blog entry in cyber history yesterday at my Ate Marla’s blog in the Candy Magazine website and yeah, it totally made my day. My dad and I were both fixated with our own laptops and when I saw it, I was like, “Ehmagawd! Ehmagawd! Ehmagawd!” and I was squealing in a probably-really-annoying way, because my dad suddenly looked at me weirdly and was like, “What are you squealing about?” And he was really focused on watching a History Channel show on DVD at that time. You know what I’m saying?

           So you’re probably wondering why I’m so excited that my sister blogged about me recently. I mean, this isn’t really the first time in five years, to be honest. It’s just that, well, can you seriously blame me if I find Elmo Magalona extremely cute and the fact that I’m in the same blog entry as he is makes me feel, well, glad? So yeah,  after I finished doing my fangirl-esque acts, I called my sister and thanked her for probably a hundred times before she told me “Okay, okay, I get it.” Haha! 
Today was my birthday, and yeah, it was great even though it wasn’t perfect (because seriously, is there even such a thing?). I’ll be posting more about it tomorrow, since it’s currently 10:00 PM here and I’ll be posting so much pictures and stuff that happened and I still have to attend a writing workshop at school at 9 AM tomorrow. So yeah, catch ya’ll later tomorrow. 🙂
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