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Birthday Outfit, Greek Myths and Cushioned Flats

September 15, 2010

I’ve been intending to post this at my Chictopia blog, but somehow, the website seems to be having glitches. So for now, I’m gonna post the outfit that I wore last Sunday night at our family reunion in Alabang Town Center.

striped graphic tee from Forever 21, black vest from Forever 21, dark-washed Lucky Brand jeans, yellow Nine West bag, yellow Shoebox flats, && Forever 21 owl necklace.

              So yeah, most of my outfit is composed of Forever 21. Its first branch here in the Philippines just opened a few months ago, so my mom took me there last month to shop for my birthday outfit. And must I say, I have always loved everything in that store, if not almost everything. I initially wanted to buy a dress, since the last time I wore a dress for my birthday was during my eleventh, but my cousins and I were, like, supposed to go to laser-tagging so I figured that, duh, wearing a dress wouldn’t be much of a good idea.
              I fell in love at first sight with the owl necklace, basically because it reminds of the Greek goddess Athena, and since I’ve been reading the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series since two months ago, and my favorite character there named Annabeth Chase (who happens to be a daughter of Athena) has a thing for owl accessories, and so therefore I’m refreshing my obsession with Greek mythology stuff (which actually started when I was in sixth grade and we read the story of Hades and Persephone for English class) lately. So yeah, I bought the necklace because it’s like, Athena’s favorite animal and therefore the Greek animal symbol of wisdom. 
              My older sister bought these adorable ballet flats for me when were at Rockwell Powerplant Mall, and she saw how well the shoes matched my new bag, so that’s how it happened. I think she might want to borrow my bag, and well, I’d gladly let her anyway. I love how these shoes are so comfy like cushion and aren’t too expensive. Shoebox is really popular in Manila for selling super-comfortable shoes, buh-lieve me.

How did everyone’s weekend go? 🙂

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