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FIFTEEN Things That Make Me Smile

September 23, 2010

So it’s been a week since my fifteenth birthday and I’ve finally thought of a new idea for another blog post. I can’t really list down all of my favorite things, or even just choose fifteen of them, because that would be damn hard and kinda unfair, right? And so I decided that I’ll write about the things that make me smile the most, or rather, my favorites for each certain category. Okay, here we go…

Favorite Reason Why I Go To School

(From left to right. I’m the one in the middle.) YLA, ROSALIE, JEWEL, and ELLA are absolutely, like, the most awesome girl friends I’ve ever had. I met Ella, Yla, and Rosalie during the first day of freshman year, while I’ve known Jewel since pre-school, but we only became really close friends when we were in fifth grade already. We’ve been best friends for two years now and even though we have slight misunderstandings sometimes, those never stop us from coming out stronger than ever. This photo of us was taken during our Recognition Day last March. I love how I know that I can always count on them and trust them with to keep any secret, no matter how deep or trivial or silly it is. I love how they’re probably the most trustworthy and truest people in my class.

Most Treasured Pet

My parents bought CHARM, our family’s pet beagle, during Christmas 2008 as a present for the whole family, and because my dad has been wanting a beagle forever. She’s absolutely the sweetest, cutest, friendliest, smartest, and cuddliest dog in the whole wide world. I love her to bits and I tell her everything. It doesn’t matter that she can’t answer to me and probably doesn’t understand what I’m saying sometimes, because then again, that’s probably the main reason why dogs are human’s best friend. Because of her, I’ve become even more loving to dogs (yes, even to non-pure breeds) and I’ve been thinking of volunteering for an NGO like PAWS or something like that.

Favorite Long-Time Roomies

I had KEESXIA and  KIRSTEN (the baby pillow and the hotdog pillow) since I was a baby and now I still hug them while sleeping. Actually, I have a hard time sleeping without cuddling them. CHUCKIE the Siberian Husky was a gift from “Santa Claus” when I was twelve, and is actually the last gift from “Santa”. My parents chose him because they know that I’ve always wanted a real Siberian Husky for a pet, but of course, it probably won’t survive because of our city’s way-tropical climate. And no, I don’t think keeping him inside our house in an air-conditioned room 24/7 is an option since that’s too high-maintenance and a dog like that is surely huge and furry. So yeah, that’s probably why they bought this Husky stuffed toy for me. I named him after my first dog Chuckie, because they kind of look alike, although I never knew what exactly is Chuckie The First’s lineage since he’s a mixed breed (I still believe that he’s half-Husky until now).

Ultimate Hobby

One word, dude: WRITING. In all shapes and sizes, whether it’s blogging about random things, typing my soon-to-be-bestselling novel on WordPad, doing an article for the school newspaper or simply hand-writing itself. Writing runs in our family, you see, and I’m totally no exception from that. I totally love expressing my feelings through words and voicing out my opinions through writing. It’s something that gives me a sense of freedom of speech and the sense of fulfillment whenever someone tells me how much they liked what I wrote. 

Favorite Musical Instrument

Courtesy of Gibson 

I like playing the drums too and all, but the GUITAR is totally my first love when it comes to musical instruments. I’ve been taking lessons and playing it since I was ten, and I could say that I’ve improved a lot, especially last summer. The guitar above is the Gibson J-200  Custom and the one that I really have to have. It’s really cute, but not too girly and the design  is sophisticated in a Taylor Swift sort of way. Oh, and speaking of Taylor, have I mentioned how much I have of undying respect for guitarist-singer-songwriters such as John Mayer and Taylor Swift? And let me just say, their collaboration “Half of My Heart” is still one of my favorite songs until now. I just love how their songs truly expresses who they are and how almost everyone can relate to what they’re talking (or singing, rather) about. Amazing, I KNOW. If I ever get the chance to meet them someday, I would most probably either a.) hyperventilate and go speechless from extreme nervousness, or b.) be silent for a moment, and then ask them, like, a million questions about their music career and their guitar-playing experience and how they write chart-topping guitar-souled songs. So yeah, if anyone can get me a backstage pass to one  of  their concerts, I will forever be grateful to you. Just a wishful thought, though. 

The Food That I Can Totally Eat EVERYDAY 

Courtesy of Google

If I were allowed to eat only SUSHI for the rest of my life, I would totally not mind at all. I totally love this exquisite Japanese cuisine, and I love how it’s also good for your body, too. Whenever my family and I spend weekends at Manila, I always have to get my sushi fix, since we don’t have a Japanese resto here in San Jose, and finding cooks here who accept sushi orders is harder than finding Nemo. (Okay, that pun was extremely corny. Forgive my cornier than corny jokes.) I especially love the numerous variety of sushi at Teriyaki Boy, and my favorite is their Philly Cheese Salmon. What can I say, I’m in love. Okay, now that was so cheesy. (Forgive my unbelievably corny pun. Again.)

If I Were A Greek God, This Would Be My What My Nectar Should Taste Like

Courtesy of Photobucket 

Okay, I seriously don’t know how I thought of that title. Just popped up and decided how kinda catchy it is. So anyway, I’m a huge fan of PEANUT BUTTER-CHOCOLATE-BANANA MILKSHAKES, simply because it’s an awesome combo, and I absolutely love anything with peanut butter (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!) in them. 

Favorite Movie of All Time

Courtesy of FilmPosters

Well, in my opinion, at least. And that award goes to PEARL HARBOR, hands down. I adore this movie because it did a great job of combining the drama of war, romance, friendship, patriotism, and valiance. Plus, I think Josh Hartnett was damn hot, so that pretty much increased my love for this movie. When I re-watched it at Star Movies this weekend, I actually thought that Kate Beckinsale kinda looks like Taylor Swift and Liv Tyler, or maybe it’s a matter of opinion. I actually found this movie better than Titanic, and it touched my heart more, though Titanic was also good. I cried a lot when I first watched this movie years ago, especially when Danny (Josh H.’s character) died in the end. I still found the ending very good, though. I’m not much of a war movie fan, but I guess this movie is a major exception. 

Favorite Teen TV Series

Courtesy of Fox

I just watched the premier of GLEE Season Two this afternoon, and wow, Charice was totally amazing! You could totally say that every Filipino who watched it were so P-R-O-U-D of her. Who wouldn’t be? I also LOL-ed at the part where Rachel Berry and Sunshine Corazon (Charice’s character, in case you dunno) were doing a sort-of singing showdown at the girls’ room and then Sue Sylvester comes out and goes like, “SHUT UP!”. Seriously, nobody does it like Jane Lynch! So anyhoo, I love this show the same reason every other million people across the globe love it. I like how it shows the harsh high school social system, how the songs used to express a certain character’s emotion are chosen well, and the actors are all very talented. No surprise that it won, like, more than ten Emmy awards this year. Bravo! 

Book Character That I Can Relate To The Most

Courtesy of The Clique Official Site

If there’s one book character who instantly won me over after one chapter, that would most likely be MASSIE BLOCK of The Clique Series. I love how she’s so fearless and does whatever it takes to get what she wants. Although most of the time she acts like a middle school version of Blair Waldorf, I also like how she shows her good side. Plus, she sure knows how to get the boys and the latest fashion staples, which is cool. I can relate to her because we both have strong personalities and ah-dore the spotlight. She’s like, a true symbol of girl power. 

Teen Celebrity Whose Closet I’d Love To Raid

courtesy of Selena Gomez Official Website

If there’s one celebrity I love for her sophisticated yet age-appropriate style, that would be SELENA GOMEZ. Even though this photo was, like, a year ago, I really love this gorgeous gown that she wore at the Emmy Awards 2009. I’d love to wear to my junior prom this February. Forgive my late reviews, though. Okay for something more latest, here’s her outfit during the Ramona & Beezus Premiere and for the MTV VMAs. 

courtesy of Teen Vogue

courtesy of MTV

I noticed that she’s also into dresses with a hint of Greecian Goddess-ness in them. And that she likes gray too. Same and same. I like how she makes simple dresses look very sophisticatedly stylish. If she were a demi-god, she’s either be Athena’s (because she’s smart and talented) or Aphrodite’s (because she’s beautiful and dresses like a supermodel) daughter. No wonder millions of girls all over the world would love to be her , or at least be like her, even for just a day. A modern-day princess, indeed.

Favorite School Subject 

I just saw my report card for this school year and wow, my grade at WORLD HISTORY for this quarter was actually a 98. And yes, of course I’m so happy about it. Okay, bragging aside, it’s really been my favorite subject since first grade. I may like hearing the latest gossip on JustJared and all, but I just love learning about famous (in a way-more-than-a-celebrity sort of way) people like Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, and the Philippines’ very own Jose Rizal, of course. My secret kinda-weird-but-funny dream? To have my name known throughout world history with a “The Great” attached to it. Haha! Yeah, well, feel free to dream, right? I don’t about you, but I think it’s absolutely cool to have a “The *insert preferred adjective here*” attached to your first name. Marcy The Great. OMG, why not? Hahaha! Okay, now I’m just being a history-loving-geekoid again. 

Favorite Board Game

Courtesy of Gtoal

I’m the biggest WORD FACTORY geek in my class, and yes, well, I’m also the best at it, I suppose. I’ve won champion at an inter-school Word Factory competition during the previous school year when I was a sophomore, which I didn’t really expect because it was my first time to compete at that category and all my opponent were all, like, seniors and juniors. I like playing this game with my older sister Marla whenever she comes home even though she’s probably the only person I know who can always beat me at it. Haha! I’m funny like that.

Most Adored Anime

Courtesy of TV Tokyo

I don’t know about you, but I think ninjas are, like, the coolest people in Japanese history.  Especially the kick-ass ones of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. They’re like the only spies cooler than the FBI and the CIA combined. Hehe! If you still don’t know about this totally awesome anime, here’s the Wikipedia page for you. The third season has recently aired on local TV and like always, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. My favorite characters, aside from Naruto Uzumaki himself, are Shikamaru Nara and Tenten (yeah, she’s one of those characters without a surname. I guess only Masashi Kishimoto knows why). Shikamaru is borderline lazy, pessimistic and always tries to avoid situations where he has to exert effort in it. His favorite quote is “What a drag!”, but despite his extreme don’t-care-about-it attitude, he’s still a loyal shinobi and friend, and he’s damn smarter (he has an above-average IQ!) than any ninja in their village when it comes to strategies. Tenten is a weapons expert and always out to prove that a female ninja can beat male ninjas too. I also love how cute her Chinese-esque her outfit is. And why I love this anime, is because, well, why don’t you watch it and see for yourself? Trust me, you’ll love it, most probably.

Favorite Comic Book Series As A Kid

Courtesy of Fanpop

I began being addicted to W.I.T.C.H when I was eight after finding about it through my older sister. It revolves around five girls with powers namely Will Vandom, Irma Lair, Taranee Cook, Cornelia Hale, and Hay Lin. Yes, if you still can’t see, the title W.IT.C.H is an acronym for their combined names. I think it’s a pretty cool idea. The series lasted until August 2008, and I was really sad when the final issue came. My collection of the series will always be one of the most memorable childhood things I have. I really wish they’ll make a new issue again someday. How amazing would that be? 

Well, there you have it, people. My top fifteen faves. 😀
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