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Little Boys and Denim Collared Shirts

September 26, 2010

Light denim Folded & Hung collared shirt, Red polka-dot Target shorts & Dior Lunettes eyeglasses

I actually wore my reading glasses here on purpose since the shirt is perfect for a geeky-news-reporter look, you know like, a girl version of Clark Kent. I found the F&H collared shirt at what I’d like to call our “Thrift Closet”, a large closet where me and my siblings put our clothes that are too old and/or don’t fit us anymore, and mom decides what to do with them. I rummaged through it this morning, just because I felt like it, and found this which used to belong to…wait for it…MY ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD BROTHER. Yes, I know, I’m such a weirdo. And yes, I just thrifted a little boy’s shirt, which I have never done before, but I  guess I’ll make an exception for this one. This shirt is actually loose-fitting on me, but with a cute belt or some other waist-cincher, I realized that it could actually work for me. So yeah, I took it already. I wonder how my little bro is going to react about this, though. Haha!

Maybe I should start rummaging through our Thrift Closet more often. What do think, guys?

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