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The Socks + Shoes Formula

September 29, 2010

Well, I’ve noticed that now that it’s fall season, the socks and shoes combination is in again. So I decided to post three s and s shots that I decided to experiment with during the weekend. I almost forgot about the photos if I hadn’t checked “Fashion Shots” folder today. Thank Gawd I remembered all about it. I’ve been meaning to write this last Sunday, but I guess I got too caught up with my previous entry, so yeah, sorry ’bout that. Anyway…

gray Carmelettes pumps && purple-and-gray argyle Ardene (from Vancouver) socks

These socks are, like, my favorite among my collection of argyle socks. One, because they’re in my favorite color, and two, because they’re the right length and so cute. I thought that  they went pretty well with the pumps with the matching grays.

yellow Shoe Box flats && multi-colored argyle Claire’s socks 

I love how colorful and perky this look is. Reminds me of such pairs like cotton candies and carousels, and ice cream and playgrounds. And I didn’t even planned this combo at all. I just experimented how it would look together and let me just say, I so liked how they turned out.

snakeskin Mendres pointy-toe pumps && vintage sky blue socks

I borrowed the snakeskin heels from my mom’s shoe closet, just because it goes well with the socks and I wanted to experiment before buying myself a pair of snakeskins. Or maybe it’s too… for adults-ish? Never mind, maybe I’ll just loan it from Mom sometime.
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