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The Backstage Experience At The Candy Fair

October 10, 2010

Up until now, I still can’t get over the fact that I’ve actually been to the Candy Fair last week (October 2), which was held at the A. Venue Hall in Makati, even though I go there every year since 2007. Hehe! I’m so sorry that it took me, like, a week before posting this. We had our second quarter exams this week and there’s a lot of projects to be passed, so yeah, it’s actually been a pretty hectic week for me. Anyway, I suppose now is the time to share you my experience hanging out there backstage with my cousin Mariel, and yeah, of course we had loooooads of FUN. Special thanks to the Candy Magazine staff for the backstage passes! 🙂

Taken before the program (and loads of fangirl screaming from the audience) began.

With my older sister Marla. Photo courtesy of her co-Candy staffer, Stephie Yapnayon.
The emcees Steven Silva and Megan Young.

I can totally see why he won Starstruck Batch 5 Ultimate Male Survivor.

I’m soo loving her outfit here. Especially the New Yorker-esque boots. 

Posing with our backstage passes. *big grin*

Photo courtesy of one of the former Council of Cool staffers, CJ Alayon.
The initial reaction of Mariel and I when we saw Elmo Magalona: Eh. Ma. Gaaawd! :”
Me with the, dare I say it, dashing Ivan Dorschner, one of the finalists of PBB Teen Clash of 2010. If he was a demi-god, he’d most likely be the son of Aphrodite. Okay okay, forgive me giddiness and, um, amazment. Lol. 

With Nico Ibaviosa, who kind of resembles someone I know. Hehe!

With Elmo’s ah-dorable little siblings Clara and Arkin.

With Patrick Sugui, one of the housemates from PBB Teen Clash of 2010

With Andre Endique, one of the hottest commercial models in the country today. 😛

Ian Batherson (one of the finalists from Starstruck Batch 5) and I talked for awhile as he told about his experience during the recent John Mayer concert and his love for playing the guitar. I could relate to both topics, thankfully. 

Doesn’t he look like a Filipino version of Joe Jonas?

Mariel and I with Lance Christopher, also one of the popular teen heartthrobs of today.

Thank Gawd I didn’t go, oh I don’t know, hyperventilating?  Lol. Well, this is me with Elmo, and can I just say, he was really genuinely nice when I got to talk with him. 🙂

Can you believe that backstage, he’s not really much of the talkative type? But on the stage, he’s doing a great job living up to his dad’s (a.k.a the Master Rapper, Francis M.) legacy.
Also, if there’s one thing I learned backstage:  You know that he‘s the one currently onstage when you hear the hundreds of girls screaming THIS loud. And no, I don’t really think I’m exaggerating about this. ;))

With the pretty Saab Magalona.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a snapshot or an autograph from them because they barely left the stage the whole time, so…well, maybe next year, perhaps? 😉

As my parents picked up Mariel and I, I took a quick last snapshot of the entrance.


Kids of Bayo dress with pink bow detail, gray Forever 21 polka-dot blouse (worn underneath), black Just. G necklace, gifted silver cuff, && yellow Shoe Box ballet flats.

This cuff was a birthday gift to me from our school’s Newsletter Staff adviser and close family friend, Teacher Demi. I love its simple but cute and classic style. Notice the alternating designs for each square?

I bought this last month when I was shopping with Ate Marla at Eastwood. She helped me pick out this adorable envelope necklace, which as I noticed, is also kinda her style.

Hope to see you at the Candy Fair next year 😉
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