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Ideas For The Ideal Prom Dress

October 16, 2010

This week has been full of exciting news lately. Our class adviser announced the schedule of activities for the rest of the school year last Tuesday, which involved the Christmas program, class presentation, field trip at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, and of course, the JUNIOR PROM. Although it’s still four months away, most of my classmates began pairing up as prom dates as early as recess on that day. Until now, I still don’t have a date though. That’s what I get for being too picky. Haha!
But prom dates aside, lemme show you a few sketches I drew of my dream prom dresses. I’m still not sure if I’m going to buy or rent from a designer, or simply design my own. I’ve stumbled upon some really pretty ones through the years (I’ve always been the girl who’s been dreaming of prom since I was like ten, okay?) of browsing through magazines, but most of the time, it’s just not exactly what I’m looking for and/or is too expensive. So anyway, here are the first three designs that I did. I’m not really the type who designs clothes, like, everyday, so forgive the far-from-the-fashion-designer style of drawing.

The Inspiration:

The other inspiration for this dress was the one that the Prom Queen last February wore. Sorry, I can’t see to find any pictures of it, though. 😛

I like this one because of it’s ornamented bodice yet it’s simple downwards. The dress above was designed by Rajo Laurel, my favorite designer of all time. He did a great  job like always, don’t you think? 

The Inspiration: 
This one was inspired by the photo above that I saw on the Candy Prom Special 2010 worn by Isabelle Abiera. I like the unique dress was designed by Popo Go, and can I just say, I really like the ruffle-thingy on bodice. It definitely stands out.

The Inspiration:

I have always always always loved the dresses inspired by Greek mythology. It can make any dress look effortlessly elegant. Plus, I adore the cute belt-thingy on the waist, which can make up for your minimal accessories, because you gotta skip the necklace with this one. 😉 Like the inspirational dress, it also has another thin layer of gray tulle fabric. Also, if you didn’t notice, it has this ornament on the left shoulder, too. This was the first one that I drew, and my  fave among the three. 

Feel free to comment about my sketches. I’d appreciate it a lot.
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