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November 2, 2010

I had a good time for Halloween last Sunday. My older sister Marla and I accompanied my little brother Macu to go trick-or-treating. Actually, it was a last-minute decision of mine to come along with them, just because I found out that I had nothing else to do for Halloween afternoon, unless you count watching Halloween special episodes on TV as “productive way of spending a holiday that only happens once a year”. And since I didn’t really had much time to think of a costume, I decided to go as a HIPPIE. Mainly because, well, the costume wasn’t hard to put together at all, of course. But still, I’m glad it turned out good.

This is me in my “costume” (which is actually more of an outfit, actually)
Folded & Hung blouse with eyelet bib, random-brand necklace, Topshop braided belt, thrifted vintage peasant skirt, Anagon Collection headband && Ipanema flip-flops

 Macu in his Grim Reaper costume. Most of the little kids were scared of him. 

Though there was this one girl in a house we stopped by, in a Princess Jasmine costume, whose dad said, “Look, it’s Death”, and then Macu took of his mask to say, “trick or treat”, and then the little girl was like, “No, he’s hot!” when she saw his face. (My initial reaction-thought was “Eww, he’s so nawt”, being the older sister who has seen him drool and snore while he sleeps, of course). I swear, she’s only, like, around nine years old, and she just called another kid “hot” in front of her dad. But then again, she’s just a kid, so I guess it’s still normal in a way. Hahaha! The funny things that little kids these days say unexpectedly always amuse me. 

A dad in a Russell (the kid from the Disney movie Up) costume. I like how he added even the little details such as the fat-boy-belly, colorful balloons, Wilderness Explorer badges (look closer at that white sash-thingy across his shirt and you’ll see the circles, which are most likely supposed to be the badges without color), and even the smile itself. If only he were a few decades younger and chubbier, he can actually be the non-cartoon version of Russell! Haha!

I think he’s supposed to be, like, a Neanderthal dude? I kinda wonder how he managed to stay in character the whole time. Whenever he says something, he uses this scary-pirate-who-wants-to-steal-your-gold tone of voice. The little kids’ reaction were mostly scared or nervous (probably thinking that he’s not actually just kidding around). I actually thought he was just a mannequin at first, because he was so still and not moving at all until you approach him for the candy.

 This little girl in a Tigger costume is so adorable! 

With a few decorations, this manse can actually pass for a haunted house, don’t you think? The owners weren’t home, though which made the house look spooky enough.

From left to right: Grim Reaper, Hippie Princess (okay, I totally just added that second word just because I didn’t want the title to be a one-word, and besides, I can pass for one, right?), and Rachel Berry.

How was your Halloween, by the way? 😉
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