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Apples Prints and Not-So-Average Wizard Flicks

November 24, 2010

Okay, just wanna say that I had so much time bonding with my family this weekend! I haven’t seen my older siblings [who live in Manila] since Halloween, because I’ve been so busy due to the film-making workshops for the last few weekends that I had to stay in San Jose to attend meetings and workshops and contests. To celebrate my older sister Marla’s birthday, which was like last week actually, we stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati for the weekend, had dinner and went shopping at Glorietta 5 (which is just across InterCon) on Saturday night, and then watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Rockwell on Sunday night.

Anyway, here are some of the photos I’ve taken.

We had pasta and pizza for late lunch and then gelato for desert at the Amici branch across the Don  Bosco Printing Press in Makati.
Stolen shot of the birthday girl Marla. Hehe!
My nephew Cisco eating vanilla gelato. The guy in red is my older bro Marty.
My little bro Macu looking outside, I don’t at what, though.
The view from our room. Just on the other side of the pool deck is the ever-busy streets of EDSA.

Apple-print empire-cut Bayo blouse, Forever 21 tank top [worn underneath], Forme shorts, ShoeBox ballet flats, && Ardene’s bangles.
I really like the apple print design on this blouse and how it’s both casual yet cute enough to wear to the mall.
Goofing out with Macu before bedtime. I love this kid!
Some shots of some of the food and other stuff during breakfast at the hotel buffet:
PB & Blueberry jam; PB & mango jam
Sushi for breakfast. I was like, “I love this buffet!” Haha!
Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon bits, just how I want ’em to be.
My daddy with his grandson Cisco.
Some of the last few shots I took before we left:
 random blazer, Bayo top, Lucky Brand skinny jeans, SM Department Store wedges, Nine West sling bag, && Freeway Ramon Valera Collection necklace.
This was given to be by Marla, when she attended the collection launch. Freeway is one of her favorite Filipino fashion boutiques, and Ramon Valera is one of the country’s National Artists, by the way. 😉
PS: Three of my outfit shots were taken by Macu. I’m kinda impressed that they’re not at all blurry. Pretty good for an eleven-year-old kid, don’t you think? 😀
And also, I totally loooved the latest Harry Potter film. I’ve been a fan of the series (both books and movies) since I first saw the first film when I was only six years old, and I totally agree with most of the readers who claimed that this HP film is the most loyal-to-the-book yet. Can’t wait for the next (and last! 😦 ) one, which will be released next year, which also means I still have eight months to re-read the Deathly Hallows book as a sort-of refresher course. J.K Rowling, you’re truly a LEGEND. 😀
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  1. December 30, 2010 2:41 PM

    >I superlike the necklace. =)

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