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Two Zero One One List

January 9, 2011

I know it’s been a week since 2011began, so it’s a bit late to start a sort-of itinerary for the year. But, oh well, better late than never right? Yeah, well, I actually wrote down on my resolution list that, aside from losing ten pounds and be more of a morning person, I plan on being more organized but learn to go with the flow sometimes too. On our first day back from Christmas vacation, our class adviser has announced some exciting events that will be happening for the three remaining months of the school year, and if that’s not a sign that my 2011 is off to a great start, I don’t know what it is. Anyway, for every month for this year, I want to be able to fullfill all the things that I will be writing down on this entry.

JANUARY. Make the most out of my school’s 20th foundation anniversary week-long celebration.

There’s going to be a motorcade, Teacher’s Day presentation, and even a FASHION SHOW for the first day. I feel so privileged to be chosen as one of the ramp models for the instructional fashion show out of the five students for every batch. Me and the other chosen models are going to Manila this weekend to go shopping for our outfits to wear. I didn’t expect this one at all and I bet it’s gonna sooo much fun! On the last day of the school foundation anniversary, we junior students along with the seniors are going to do a variety class presentation during the morning, and then there’s the super-fun fun booths during the afternoon. I’m going to be a drummer for some of the songs that the class band will be playing and I’m also going to do a sort-of Kris Aquino impersonation for one of the comedy-commercials. During the previous years, there were a few different booths held, and I hope that they’ll add up more ones for this year. I’ve got my fingers crossed for all these events!

FEBRUARY. Have a great time at the school field trip and at the junior-senior prom.

So yes, the fun doesn’t end in January. We’re going to Clark Field, Pampanga for this year’s educational tour and one of the place-events we’re going to see is the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. The first time that I’ve been there was just last year and it was really something, so I guess I’ll have a more fun time for this year because, well, it’s a field trip and field trip isn’t complete without crazy busmates right? Haha! As for my first-ever prom, well, like most girls my age, it’s the one of the nights that I’ve really been looking forward to since I was, like, nine years old. I can’t believe how fast time passes by; now, only a month to go before prom night. Last Wednesday, my mother took me to her trusted couturier to get my prom gown started, and I was like, “Ehmagawd, am I really gonna go to prom next month?” The only irony of this situation? Weeell, I still don’t have a prom date. It’s mostly my fault, actually, because I was a bit too choosy, so yeah, you get the picture. Wish me luck for that one! But still, that’s not gonna stop me from being excited for prom night.

MARCH. Ace my finals and enjoy the last few days of junior year.

I’ll be frank with all of you: this school year has been a total rollercoaster ride for me. So far, I’ve had my fair share of both good times and horrible times, but I also learned a lot from my experiences, that’s for sure. To end it clean and end it well, I want to get high scores for my final exams and to be able to make good memories for the remaining days as a junior. So that when summer comes, I won’t be worrying about any drama until maybe on June.

APRIL. Hellooo Summer!

I don’t care if it’s the time when it’s so hot your ice cream easily melts within one minute after buying it and you start sweating only a few seconds after taking a shower. Haha! I love that you can mess up your sleep pattern without worrying that you might end up wakingup late on Monday at this time of year. For this summer, I want to go visit another country if possible, like, to visit my relatives in California, hopefully if my parents’ schedules aren’t so busy. Or perhaps get a summer job at my older brother’s coffee shop?  I love how the possibilities are almost endlessly exciting during summer!

Okayy. Well, that’s just part one for my 2011 Monthly Plan List. Watch for the next one, where I will be doing May, June, July, and August! 😉

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