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A School Fashionista Trip, As We Like To Call This.

January 24, 2011

My school’s fashion trip to Manila last weekend to shop for an outfit for the upcoming instructional fashion show was super fun! It’s sorta like a class field trip only better, and it was only the 31 selected students from my school (inlcuding me) plus a few teachers and parents as chaperones. I still can’t believe that I’m one of the lucky chosen ones out of the many high school girls in our school, and I feel truly blessed and grateful!

We shopped at Robinsons Galleria, and we [the fashion models] were divided into several groups. The groups were given an hour to look and to buy our own outfit while being assisted by my older sister Marla who was the main stylist for the event. Since there were some elementary kids with us too, we [the high schoolers] were the last ones to go shop, though we were allowed to go around the mall and if possible, find a certain clothing and point it out later on when it’s our turn. So yeah, the most fun times was when during we were strolling around the mall while waiting for our turns .

With Jewel and Mita. So, yeah, I’m obviously the short one here. Haha!
With Dannila and Carlo. Notice the sort-of similar patterns?
Regine made us laugh out loud a lot during the day.
With my cousin Troi, the ultimate guy fashionista in our batch.
 With MariRose, whom we sometimes refer to as “Venus Raj” because of her similarities to the beauty queen.
Shopaholic dress and leggings, Shoe Box ballet flats, The Ramp belt, Kashieca accessories && Louis Vuitton bag
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