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The Night of All Nights

March 1, 2011

Last February sixteenth, I have finally attended my first-ever Junior Prom Night. I must say I was like, in third grade since I first dreamed about this night, so I can’t believe that it finally came! But I gotta admit, though, that when it was only two weeks away, I was one of the few girls who could hardly feel the excitement. I guess I didn’t want myself to get too stressed out about it. The prom excitement only hit me when I was leaving the salon after getting my hair and make-up done, so yeah, I guess I’m kinda different like that.Believe it or not, my prom date and I were actually the first students to arrive at the venue. And to think I actually thought that many were already at the venue while we were on our way. Haha! I was really pleased with how everyone of us looked like, the gowns and suits and the formal atmosphere and all. I guess it’s what they call the magic of prom night. Anyway, here are some pictures. 😉

Before leaving for the big night. 🙂

With my best friends Rosalie, Ella, and Yla. 🙂

With my cousin Troi, who later turned out to be the Prom Prince.

With Enrico during the junior-senior turn-over ceremony. He was handing me the Best Campus Journalist award.

With Martin, my partner for the cotillion de honor dance.

With my good friends, Mia and Tedi. Resting our tired feet before going back to the dancefloor. 🙂

Top Five Highlights of the Big Night:

Getting dressed up very formally and feel so pretty.

Being awarded as Best Campus Journalist.

Being nominated for Junior Prom Princess.

Having fun with my closest friends.

Dancing the night away, partying like there’s no tomorrow.

The prom also happens to be a Wednesday night, so we had to attend classes during the following day in the afternoon. Only half of my classmates (including me) went to class. Crazy, right? I think it would’ve been much better if the prom was during a Friday or Saturday night, but, oh well. Also, I didn’t go to the after-party for the main reason that I didn’t really felt like going since none of my friends were going either,  and  also because I was so so so tired and wanted to sleep already. Most of us were still sleepy during the next day, still “hung-over” the prom night, and it was a good thing that our teachers were considerate enough not to give us too much schoolwork too. So we pretty much talked about our prom experience during that afternoon.

All in all, I would rate my first prom a 4.5! It was really fun, but I bet it would be much more fun during my senior prom next year. I can’t really say that I’m excited for it already, but I’d like to believe that it would be even more memorable (as it should be) than this already memorable junior prom. 🙂

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