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Birthdays Parties and Purple Balloons

March 13, 2011

Last March fifth, I went to my family’s annual March family reunion along with my mom’s relatives. It was a dinner party to celebrate a few birthdays which will all be within the month of March. My little brother Macu, whose birthday is on the fifteenth, will be turning twelve and I’m like, ohmygosh he’s almost a teenager! Haha! Seriously, though, time flies so fast. Even my cousin Mariel and I, we’ll  be turning sixteen on September, and most of our aunts and uncles are like, it feels not so long ago that you two were recently born on the same week but now you two are about to turn sixteen in a few months. Well, I guess it has something to do with the fact that we’re one of the youngest among our cousins, and so our older relatives are probably used to seeing us as little kids who like to play with Barbie dolls and watch TV shows like The Powerpuff Girls. So, yeah, wow.

Since summer vacation  is only a few more weeks away, Mariel also talked about our summer plans and even which college entrance exams and courses that we’re planning to take, since we’re going to be high school seniors for the next school year. Hence, our older  relatives’ happiness  of seeing two used-to-be-little girls both growing up.

While having dinner, my cousins and I also talked about my cousin Angelo’s upcoming wedding this June. He asked us for suggestions for the music video and other stuff regarding the reception. One of our suggestions was to make it a la the super awesome movie Inception (i.e, a wedding within a wedding within a wedding). My stomach hurt from so much laughter. We were supposed to watch The Adjustment Bureau at the cinema after that, but most of our parents were, like, so tired and sleepy already, so our movie plans were called off. Oh well, maybe next time, perhaps? I’m planning on watching that movie this weekend after finals, though.

Oh how I so love family reunions. Like always, I’m looking forward for the next one! 😀

Me and my cousin Mariel

*All Photos Courtesy of my older sis Marla. 😉

PS:  My thoughts are with those who are victims of the recent calamity in Japan, and also with their friends and family. I’ll keep praying for ya’ll.

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