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Last Day As a High School Junior

April 15, 2011

The last day of March (the thirty-first, in case it somehow slipped your mind) was the day of our school Recognition Day during the morning, and then seniors’ graduation during the afternoon. So yeah, most of my classmates and I were like, “OMG, we’re going to be seniors in a few months!” A few of my friends from the higher batches (who are now in college) also went to watch the recognition and graduation ceremonies. My friends and I headed to the nearby restaurant after Recognition Day for lunch, something that we’ve been doing since freshman year. And then during the afternoon, some of them and I also went to watch the seniors’ graduation ceremony. So yeah, this was our (my batchmates and I) last Recognition Day as a Carmelian high schooler, so we definitely wanted to make the most of it. And so we did. Then kudos to us!

So yeah, we pretty much goofed around a bit during most of the program. We did listened to the guest speaker’s speech though, and I thought that it was pretty inspiring. I wonder who’s going to be the guest speaker for my graduation next year. My classmates and I still couldn’t believe that we’re going to be the ones graduating next year. It’s like, wow, just wow.

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