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Thunderbird La Union

April 19, 2011

About two weeks ago, my family and I went to San Fernando, La Union for a quick two-day vacation at the picturesque Thunderbird Resort. Ohmygawd, can I just say, that place is truly breathtaking, and it’s not even that well-known yet, so yeah, it was quite peaceful there too unlike in places like Boracay and such. I really wish that we stayed even just a day longer, though.

Those were some of the many photos of my younger brother Macu, him  and I, my two-year-old nephew Cisco running around and borrowing my fedora, and on one photo you can see my mom taking a picture of Cisco. Trivia: While Cisco was running around and wearing my fedora, he actually bumped into a wall and ended up bawling loudly because of that. But it wasn’t serious or anything, just a minor bruise that looked a bit like a black eye or something like that. I guess the hat wasn’t exactly his good luck charm?

Folded&Hung flutter-sleeve blouse, Forme shorts, Confetti gladiator sandals, sunglasses from Seattle, Girl Shoppe fedora hat with bow detail, gifted heart necklace and multi-colored bracelet.

The hat that I’m wearing also happens to be my favorite hat, and I have a lot of hats. As for the blouse, this was the first time that I’ve worn it on a summer at the beach, instead of wearing it for malling or going to church. Oh, and how adorable is the bracelet? Would you believe if I told you that it was actually a pasalubong from my dad when he and my mom went to Palawan a few months ago? Yeah, he picked it out himself, no joke. I heart the pretty colors and the fact that if I saw it in a shop myself, I ‘d totally buy it too!

I used the navy cover-up as a high-waist skirt to, well, partly cover up the floral tankini. So yeah.

Levi’s floral blouse, Cosmopolitan butterfly necklace, Girl Shoppe cameo necklace, and vintage cocktail ring.

How’s everyone’s summer (or spring, if you live someplace else) doing so far? I know I’m making the most of it, or at least trying to. 😉 XO


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