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Fontana Weekend Outfit No. 1

May 14, 2011

Forever 21 top ¦¦ ForMe shorts ¦¦ Archaeology WayFarer sunnies ¦¦ Grendha espadrille sandals ¦¦ Kashieca bracelets

This was what I wore last week when my family and I headed to Fontana Clark for a three-day vacation, which I’ll be posting more about soon! The first photo was taken at our bungalow’s backyard, while the rest were taken inside the room that I shared with my little brother and older sister.

I opted for a simply comfy summer look for the trip. I just bought those sunnies recently, by the way. As for the top, I’ve almost forgot that I had it, since the last time I wore was during my birthday party last September. I like it for its light perfect-for-hot-weather cotton fabric and the floral designs as well. I’m glad that I stumbled upon it while I was outfit-planning. I didn’t wore much accessories since we were going to go swimming in the afternoon and I won’t be wearing the outfit for the entire day. As for my classic pair of shorts, well, can I just say that you can never go wrong with trusty black shorts for your summer looks? Just saying. 🙂


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