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Light Up The World Tonight

June 15, 2011

Bayo blouse with bow details ¦¦ Gray jeggings ¦¦ Parisian studded ballet flats ¦¦ The Ramp Crossings bangle set

As I said during my previous post, it’s the first week of my senior year. And so, this is what I wore for the first day of classes. Opted for a chic-casual look with a hint of classy. (The lighting in some of these photos weren’t that good though, as you might have noticed. Drat, I know.)

The new top which I bought just last month is officially one of my fave closet pieces already. And as I’ve said in my previous outfit post, I’m really into bow details lately! This was the first time I wore those new flats, and I like how comfy it is without compromising style, as well as the jeggings.

Oh, and have I said that we get to wear casual attire to school for the entire week? I already did? Oops. Hahaha! I just felt the need to say it over and over again. So yeah, more outfit posts to come! 😀

And as for my post title, well, it’s my favorite song from the TV series Glee. The best song in the season two finale episode, I’m just saying. Too bad I have to wait for a few more months for the third season. Oh well, at least Pretty Little Liars Season Two is airing this Friday, so yay again! Can’t wait to see the main characters’, especially Spencer Hastings’, super cool wardrobe. And that gives me an idea…

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