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I Was Enchanted To Meet You

June 17, 2011


Forever 21 floral blouse ¦¦ Parisian studded ballet flats ¦¦ Black leggings ¦¦ Forever 21 headband ¦¦ Ring from Bangkok

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So here’s my outfit on the second day of school! 🙂

I hardly wear florals, because I find it hard to find a floral-print blouse or dress that’s still, well, “me”. Unlike my older sister, who’s a big fan of florals and anything girly-sweet-vintage, I don’t have a lot of floral-print pieces in my closet. I’m more of into preppy-polished-girly stuff, you see. But the moment I saw this blouse at Forever 21 (SM Makati branch) while school-shopping, it was like love at first sight. It was so “me”, yet I still find it hard to explain why. Haha! So yeah, I just had to buy it because it was “me”.

I also bought that headband at the same time, just because I felt like I could use a new one. I initially wanted to buy a floral-print headband, since I was thinking of adding more florals to my wardrobe, but since there weren’t any, I found this instead. Because I’m a sucker for eye-catching (but not those super big ones that are about the same size as my head already) hair accessories, I instantly liked this headband anyway as well. It’s still a bit floral-inspired anyway with the leaf-shaped decorative thingy, right? Plus, it’s sparkly, and you know how much I love anything sparkly. So yay!

You might have seen that ring on my previous entries already. It’s one of my favorites, you see. But can you honestly blame me for finding it so uniquely cute?


Below is an edited Photoshop-blended photo (just because we wanted to do a different barkada shot. Haha!) of me with my three best friends Rosalie, Ella, and Yla. We decided to have lunch at Jollibee that day, and we talked about a lot of totally random things. I missed them during the summer break! And I’ll totally miss them even more when we go our separate ways for college. :’)

So yeah, we’re planning on making lots of memories for senior year!

As for my entry title, it’s my favorite Taylor Swift song lately. Not dedicated to any dude in particular at all, no. Perhaps dedicated to my four super awesome besties, yes. (Jewel, a 1/5 of our barkada as well, wasn’t able to join us because she had an appointment somewhere, though. *sad face*) Even though we only became best friends back in freshman year, feels like we’ve known each other like childhood friends. So enchanted to meet them! 🙂  XO


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