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Fathers Day Dinner

June 28, 2011

So I know blogging about Fathers Day is kinda way overdue now, but because I still want to post about it, then I shall do it. So yeah, I guess there’s no stopping me. Here’s a photo of me with my dad, the most awesome guy I know. No words can possibly express how much my mom and my siblings and I love him! 😀

(Dear Daddy, if you ever manage to stumble upon this by chance, do tell me. I just wanna thank you for putting up with my craziness and moodiness almost 24/7 for the last fifteen years. And I just want you to know that you’re the best dad that anyone could ever ask for. I probably don’t say that everyday to you, but just so you know, I really mean it.)

Okayyy, well, mellowness aside for now.

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Oki Oki at the A.Venue Mall in Makati. The food was pretty good,  but then again, I love any good Japanese food. Especially sushi, if you know me well enough. I didn’t manage to take much food shots of our dinner, because aside from the fact that I was really hungry already at that time, my brothers almost instantly gobbled up the first food that were served on our table. Haha!

Then we had dessert at a gelato shop called Focaccia. I tried out the creme brulee flavor. It’s officially my favorite flavor now! Oh, and can I just say, the shop’s wall decor looked so ah-dorable. It was exactly how I want the interiors of gelato shops to look like. Reminds me of those cute semi-kiddie ice cream parlor photoshoot sets.

So, does anyone know if there are other branches of Focaccia aside from the one in A.Venue? If so, please lemme know! And now, lastly, for a few of our family pictures.

My older sis Marla with our three-year-old nephew Cisco. She also dedicated a blog post to our daddy in her blog. I must say, her post was absolutely perfect!

My twelve-year-old brother Macu with Cisco. Cute much?

Belated happy fathers day, everyone!

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