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I Like To Pretend To Be a Ballerina

August 6, 2011

Karimadon blouse with shoulder details ¦ Never Been Kissed ballerina skirt with bow detail ¦ SM Department Store tights ¦ Parisian studded ballet flats

Another long-due outfit post. Again, sorry for the late post because I’m busy with a lot of school stuff. Senior year stuff.

What I wore last last Saturdayduring a busy day full of errands to do such as submitting college application forms, lunch out with my nephew, watching the last Harry Potter movie at Rockwell (*sob! I’ll always be a loyal Potter fan*), and then stopped by at The Love Japan Bazaar before going home, where I even saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Camille Co.

Yes, I was actually starstruck, I’ll admit that. Too bad I didn’t manage to get a picture taken with her. Blame it on my awkward fangirl self when I bump into such icons. But anyway, I did tweet her right after about how I was starstruck and all that. She responded (awesomesauce!),  which totally makes up for it. Maybe next time, I’ll get the guts to come up and say hi in person.

I picked out this outfit just because I wanted to try something different. I paired my favorite skirt with purple tights for a ballerina feel, hence the title. Too bad I totally don’t have a ballerina’s body, because of my chubbiness. You could say that I eat a bit too much. Hahaha! But yeah, I liked how this look turned out, and I might try going for this again sometime. What do you think? 😉

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