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The Beagle

September 4, 2011

An early brithday present from  my older brother Marty and his wife Katrina, my older sister Marla (who is currently in Vermont right now for a writing ), and my nephew Cisco. Marty was the one who wrote on the dedication tag, and I was actually surprised when he gave this to me because he rarely gives people gifts even during special occasions. Plus, he writes one of the wittiest dedications when he gives presents or writes greeting cards.

I have yet to finish the book since I’m only on the first few pages, but when I scanned the book after unwrapping it, I couldn’t help but go “aww” over all the adorable  beagles in the pictures. If you know me well enough, you would now that I’m a dog lover and I love my pet beagle Charm to bits. Oh, and that reminds me…

It’s a recent photo I took of Charm using my cellphone’s camera, since she doesn’t seem to like having her photo taken when I used my digital camera. (Okay does that make sense? Oh well, anyway..) Can you spell adorable? And those cute pleading eyes… I can hardly say no to those. By the way, she just turned three last August 8. She was born during the opening of the Beijing Olympics, which is why her middle  name is Olympia.

Here’s to more years to come for my beloved beagle!

PS: I’ll be posting photos of our recent family vacation in Clark during the long weekend. So watch out for that. 😉

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