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Tangerines and Polka Dots

September 11, 2011

Topshop top ¦¦ SM Department Store shorts ¦¦ Korean brand bow headband ¦¦ Cosmopolitan necklace ¦¦ Kashieca silver chain bracelets ¦¦ random beaded multi-colored bracelets

What I wore on day 1 of our short family vacation in Clark Field, Pamapanga last week during the long weekend.  I opted for a simple-fresh look that day since we were just at Mimosa (where we also stayed at) almost the entire time.

I liked how this headband, matches so well with my top. This was given to me by my sister months ago (from a Korean online store whose name I kinda forgot about now. Sorry), but it was only on that day that I found the perfect opportunity to wear it. I mean, come one, the orange doesn’t exactly go with most of the stuff I have in my closet, and I’ve never worn this to school either since it would totally clash with the colors of my school uniform. It’s such a bummer that I can’t wear it with every outfit. *sigh* Nonetheless, I still love how its K-Pop-ish feel ( its being loud and funky and all that) and how it just screams “ah-dorable!” Plus, the headband itself doesn’t hurt my scalp at all even though I wore all throughout the day, so I wouldn’t have to compromise my comfort (well, my head comfort at least) for this at all.

Also decided to pile on a few bracelets for a more “summer-hippie” vibe, even though summer is way over here in the Philippines, but then again its a tropical country is it not? Anyway, as I was saying, I’d like to think that I was trying to do a juxtaposition thing by mixing beaded bracelets with silver chain ones. I like how it turned out, though. I actually haven’t wore these beaded bracelets for a long time until that, maybe the last time was when I was eleven? It’s been in my accessory collection for years now, and there was one time when I was actually considered giving it away since I don’t wear them anymore. But thank goodness that I found a new use for these when colorful bracelet-stacking became “in” lately. So yeah, that’s why I have so many accessories and why I hardly give away the ones that I don’t even use anymore, because you never know when they’ll come in handy for spicing up an outfit. Haha! Yes, I’m pretty much a hoarder when it comes to my accessories and sometimes clothes too.

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