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Show Me Some Flower Power

November 1, 2011

Levi’s blouse || Pill brogues || Folded&Hung leggings || Louis Vuitton bag || Forever 21 necklace || Girl shoppe cuff

What I wore when I was at Bonifacio High Street with the fam bam this weekend. I was obviously going for a floral-chic look for this, which is why I specifically chose the blouse, the necklace, and the background. And yes, I was attempting to exude a sweet-girl-who-likes-nature vibe here. You be the judge.

Also, can I just say that even though I’ve been blogging for more than a year now — nevermind the fact that I don’t get to update my blog regularly — I am still not used to getting my outfit photos taken in public places such as malls. I always get so self-conscious whenever people stop to look at me and my younger brother (who takes my photos almost all the time) while we’re shooting and stuff.  So can I just say, that I totally admire the more experienced (and confident) bloggers who get their outfit photos taken almost anywhere and everywhere. Seriously, like, how do you do it so well? As for me, well, I’m working on it lately.  Hence, this outfit photo location.

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