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Earl Grey Milk Tea

April 10, 2012

(taken from my Instagram photos)

Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3 J’s from Gong Cha

One thing that you must know about me as a foodie is that I’m a huge fan of milk tea, and I actually enjoy trying out different milk tea brands that catches my curiosity. Of course, there are some that I end up not liking so much, but there are also some that won me over after just a sip or two. So I finally got to try out Gong Cha during the weekend, which is a milk tea brand that I’ve often been hearing about lately. Well, I now understand why a lot of people are raving about it.

So I chose to order the Earl Grey with 3 J’s, and let me just say, it’s particularly good. Actually, I’ve never really tried drinking Earl Grey tea before, but as soon as I tried it at Gong Cha (because it’s the only milk tea place I’ve been to that has Earl Grey), I think I’ll be buying more of that particular tea (even just the regular ones by Twinings) from now on. Anyhoo, I must say that Gong Cha is now one of my fave milk tea places in Manila aside from Happy Lemon, Tea Tap, Bubble Tea, Serenitea, and ChaTime. Their milk tea blends are just quite flavorful and their tapioca pearls are the right kind of chewy that I love. On a scale of one to five, I would give it a perfect five, because it totally lived up to its reputation and my expectations.

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