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Thoughts on The Hunger Games Trilogy Movies

April 30, 2012

Part I:

As a self-confessed die-hard The Hunger Games Trilogy fan who was very much mind-blown after reading all the three books, I find it crucial that every movie must live up to my expectations based on how true it stays to the original story. As for my say on the first movie: It lived up to my expectations more than it disappointed me a bit because of some of the scenes that wasn’t there.

Seriously, Jennifer Lawrence proved to be the perfect choice for the role of Katniss, although I must admit that I doubted her when I first found out that she was going to be Katniss. But after seeing the first behind-the-scene photo of her, I was like, “Wow, she actually is the right choice.” As for Josh Hutcherson’s performance in the movie, it was because of that that I didn’t mind that he wasn’t blonde and curly-haired as what Peeta Mellark is described in the books. Liam Hemsworth playing the role of Gale Hawthorne was impressive as well, though I’m still waiting how he performs in the next two movies where Gale would actually appear more.

I have read in some other THG fans’ blogs about how they thought that Haymitch Abernathy didn’t look and act “drunk enough”. But I think Woody Harrelson did it just right, I especially liked the way he calls Katniss “sweetheart”. And don’t get me started on Alexander Ludwig who was pretty much a pleasant surprise, because I myself didn’t expect Cato to be that hot. I only expected that he would be this tall brawny bloodthirsty guy who’s ready to kill anyone, nothing more. And as for Primrose Everdeen, Effie Trinket, Clove, Rue, Seneca Crane, and President Snow? It was almost exactly how I imagined that they would look like when I was just reading the books.

Now that I have said the my praise for the casting of the first movie, allow me to enumerate some of the things based from the book that the casting director seemed to have missed, from the minor ones that don’t bother me too much to the major ones that I have some strong feelings about. I suppose I’ll list down my top three for now.

3. Leven Rambin as Glimmer

– First of all, let me just make it clear that I do think that Leven is good-looking and pretty and all that, and I’m in no way saying that she’s not. I just think that she wasn’t exactly the perfect choice for Glimmer because she’s more of a Victoria Secret Angel type of pretty than an innocent-but-can-also-be-devious-looking flirtatious teenage girl type of pretty, if this actually makes sense to you. In my opinion, I could think of some other actresses who would fit the book description of the said character better, perhaps Sasha Pieterse or Kaya Scodelario or some other actress like them. No offense, but I think Leven should have been cast as another character, like maybe Johanna Mason (who’ll first appear in Catching Fire) for instance.

2. The Avox Girl

– She made some few brief appearances when Katniss was finally at the Capitol, while Katniss and Peeta and the rest of their entourage were having dinner. I’m disappointed that there wasn’t even that scene where Katniss remembers that she has seen the Avox girl being captured years ago when she and Gale were hunting in the woods.

1. The Absence of Madge Undersee

– I think I speak for almost the entire THG fandom when I say this: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How on earth did the scriptwriter forgot to include such a very important character in the story? For crying out loud, she was the one who gave Katniss her Mockingjay pin, the one who was actually one of the main reasons why Katniss later on became the symbol of the rebellion against the Capitol. Can somebody please give me an extremely justifiable answer to this: Why did they forget about Madge?


Part II:

Since it has been confirmed that Catching Fire is totally in the works, yet the actors who will be playing the new characters have yet to be confirmed, I’d like to take this opportunity to show you my ideal actor/actress that, in my opinion, would be ideal for the role of some characters that I really want to be depicted well, if not perfectly. This list has no particular order of importance, though. I’ve also hyperlinked the actors’ IMDb pages in case you don’t know them and/or what they look like.

1.  Grant Gustin as Finnick Odair

– In Catching Fire, Katniss describes Finnick as “tall, athletic, with golden skin and bronze-colored hair and sea green eyes.” Have Grant get a tan and maybe dye his hair bronze while he’s at it, and it would be like Finnick Odair just walked out straight from the book Inkheart-style. Seriously, Finnick is actually one of my favorite characters in the book (and yes, I’ve had a crush on him from the moment he offered Katniss a sugar cube. Hihi), and I really hope that whoever actor, if not Grant, is chosen to play the Finnick Odair would do him justice in terms of both looks and attitude.  I swear, if I see Finnick being portrayed as somewhat a Justin Bieber look-alike, I will hunt down whoever is responsible for that. Hahaha! 🙂 (Okay, I’m totally kidding, and besides, I don’t think Suzanne Collins would let that happen, right? RIGHT?)

2. Kristen Bell as Johanna Mason

– Johanna was a victor from District 7 who “won by very convincingly portraying herself as weak and helpless so that she would be ignored. Then she demonstrated a wicked ability to murder.” And I think Kristen has both the looks and talent to switch from sweet and innocent to cunning and devious in just a snap. If you don’t believe me, watch her performance in Heroes as Elle Bishop, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Also, I think it’s about time Kristen goes back to doing more action-packed roles again.

3. Robbie Coltrane or Eric Stonestreet as Plutarch Heavensbee

– Although there wasn’t exactly a description of what Plutarch looks like, I pictured him as this huge middle-aged guy (whose size makes it obvious that he’s been more than well-fed during his years living  in the Capitol). I also pictured him to have like a “wise father” image, but not the too intimidating type of wise either. Right now, it’s both Robbie and Eric who fit exactly my mental picture of the much-smarter-than-Seneca-Crane Head Gamemaker.

PS: So yeah, it’s actually been a while since I’ve written a film analysis/review thingy on my blog. I think I’ll try to do this more often from now on. Feel free to comment on my opinions and such. 🙂

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