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Palawan Food Diary

May 8, 2012

So this is basically a post about some of the food I consumed during my three-day vacation with my family in Palawan, which was mostly about seafood and fruit shakes and veggies. I wasn’t able to take a picture of all the many food we ordered, but here are the some of the ones that I did manage to take a picture of during those moments where I didn’t forget to snap a photo because I was so hungry and excited to taste it already. And yes, if you ever get to go to Palawan too, I definitely recommend that you try all of these.

Spring rolls with a delicious dip (whose name I can’t remember) and French bread from the Viet Ville restaurant

Banana fruit shake from the Sheridan Beach Resort beachside bar

Tubbataha salad, mashed sweet potato with avocado topping, shrimp tempura, squid, coco banana fruit shake, KaLui dessert with coconut brown sugar from KaLui Restaurant

Sinigang na bangus with kang kong, grilled tanigue, and buko fruit shake from Badjao Seafront Restaurant

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