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Because It’s Been A While Since I’ve Last Written An Essay Not Required For School

May 27, 2013

Picture this: one day, your close friend and Literature classmate starts gushing to you about that certain guy in her group whose blog she had stumbled upon last night and how she finds him cute in an adorkable Seth Cohen sort of way. You scan the classroom to see this guy for yourself, and at the same time you laid your eyes on him, he looks up from whatever he was writing on his Moleskine and looks right back at you. You’re not really sure, but in that moment, that look he gave you seemed to say, Hah I know you’re checking me out, and yeah feel free to continue doing so, before he resumed to his work. And for that, you instantly write off that guy as a total d-bag. You tell this to your friend, but she just laughs it off, saying that maybe you should stop being a little too cynical about people. You shrug off her comment and decide to just ignore that d-bag as much as possible for the rest of, well, eternity.

Fast forward to the next semester, where one evening you’re in a quaint coffee shop with another friend this time, studying for an upcoming test in Economics. A few minutes later, the D-Bag Guy From Lit Last Sem walks into the room and – bada bing bada boom – sits at the very same table with you and your friend. You are about to say something decisively harsh to him when you suddenly remember that the d-bag and this friend have actually been close friends since high school. And from that point, you realize that an introduction is inevitable, hence you will have to act friendly around that d-bag guy because you are a civilized level-headed well-mannered seventeen-year-old, and you ought to be just that. After being formally introduced to D-Bag Guy, you still have zero idea about the fact that in the next months to come, this guy will take you to a figurative roller-coaster ride.

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