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Depicting Summer (So Far) Through A Series of Instagram Photos

May 27, 2013


The very picturesque place that is Casa San Miguel in San Antonio, Zambales. This is definitely how I would love for my dream vacation house to look like.



Some of the books I’ve read this summer so far! Caved in one day and decided to go to the nearby Fully Booked for some (guilt-free, mind you) book shopping spree. After all, what’s summer without some really good reads?






1. Peanut butter waffles + bacon and eggs from Peanut Butter Company | 2. Bacon-flavored milk chocolate from Dylan’s Candy Bar | 3. My older brother Marty’s own version of the popular green tea with rock salt and cheese (available at his coffee shop Kahvé!!) | 4. Xoco Lava from Café Xocolat | 5.Cookie butter pancakes from Pancake House

These are just half of the food/drinks that I’ve tried out for the first time this summer. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the other delish stuff I’ve tried in buffets and such.


The very tropical rain forest-esque view from my dorm room


Sorry for the vain selfie hahaha! You see, I developed a fondness for the Mirrorgram iPhone app, just because. | Top with sequined chest pocket from R.A.F (might post an outfit post again finally with this soon!)


Charm taking her usual long lazy afternoon nap.


Motivational typography that helped me get through my freshman year of college + this summer semester. 🙂

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